The Monk team building

The monk Haarlem team building

The Monk team building in Haarlem

The Monk team building starts at the Angkor Wat in Cambodia. You have been invited to view a series of new discoveries. Unsuspecting, you walk across the grounds when you are deviously cornered by a monk. He detains you, accuses you of theft and wants to make off with the loot himself. The Cambodian security service arrives within an hour. This will be a life and death story. You and your team will have to be the first to escape, get your ID cards back and get out of the country.

Play The Monk team building in Haarlem with teams of about 5-8 people. This team building game can be played with both small and large groups. Each team gets its own setup in a part of the room. The race against the clock has begun! Teams can see each other, therefore tension and competition increases. Teams can give each other hints but can they be trusted? Under high pressure, which team will manage to retrieve their passports and escape first?

This team building game includes

  • Professional host
  • 1,25 hour program
  • Awesome game materials
  • A prize for the winning team
  • Guidance in Dutch/English

Sample program The Monk team building in Haarlem

  • arrival
  • play the monk
  • delicious dinner

What is an escape game

The Monk team building escape game is an escape room game for large groups. You play in teams against each other in a race against the clock. This game can be played with small and very large groups. The group is divided into teams of 5 – 8 people per team.

Each team receives a large box and various materials. Which team will manage to carry out all the (hidden) assignments, discover the right solutions in the game and be the first team to open the ”final box”?

The nice thing about an escape game is that the teams can see each other. This brings extra tension, because how annoying is it when you see that the team next to you is already a lot further ahead? Good cooperation (team building) is essential to finish this game.

Price The Monk team building

If you are with less than 15 people, book for 15

The Monk team building

An awesome team building escape game

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 15

34,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (42,29 incl. VAT)