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Go to "Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem"

Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem

Play this Sherlock Holmes City Game now in Haarlem. Play already from 2 people, directly on your own mobile. Or choose to play with a group.

Sherlock Holmes City Game Haarlem
Go to "Survivor"


Survivor Haarlem Did you always wanted to participate in “Survivor”? Well, now you can play this amazing teambuilding game yourself....

Survivor Team building Haarlem
Go to "La Casa de dinero VR game"

La Casa de dinero VR game

Casa de dinero VR game Brandnew at UP Events, the casa de papel VR game. Experience the hit series casa...

La Casa de dinero VR game Teambuilding Haarlem
Go to "Hackathon"


NEW: Hackathon In this teambuilding Hackathon, you become teams of highly skilled hackers. You are gathered in a room for...

Hackathon Haarlem Teambuilding

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