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Go to "Secrets of Haarlem"

Secrets of Haarlem

Discover Haarlem in a special way! Answer questions, solve puzzles and discover the secrets the city of Haarlem holds. As you roam the city, Secrets of Haarlem takes you to unique locations and provides insight into famous Haarlem highlights. With only your phone in your hand, you will discover the city like never before!

Go to "Hackathon"


Be smarter than your opponent and crack the safe first!

  • 1,25 hour
  • from 15

35,95 p.p. Per person.

Hackathon Haarlem Team building
Go to "Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem"

Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem

Play this Sherlock Holmes City Game now in Haarlem. Play already from 2 people, directly on your own mobile. Or choose to play with a group.

Sherlock Holmes City Game Haarlem
Go to "Percussion workshop"

Percussion workshop

An awesome workshop with tight claps and dull thumps. Exciting rhythms and, energetic interplay. Great sounding, always danceable. Make a work of art!

  • 1.5 hour
  • from 15

29,95 p.p. Per person.

Percussion Workshop Haarlem Team building
Go to "La Casa de Papel VR Game"

La Casa de Papel VR Game

Under the guidance of El Profesor, unravel challenging puzzles and rob the Spanish Mint Building!

  • 1.25 hour
  • from 15

36,95 p.p. Per person.

La Casa de dinero VR game Teambuilding Haarlem
Go to "Morte Frio team building"

Morte Frio team building

You made a big mistake and are given 4 missions by Pablo to correct this mistake. Can you handle this Morte Frio team building game?

  • 1.25 hour
  • from 15

34,95 p.p. Per person.

Morte Frio team building game Haarlem

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