To the Moon and Back

In the amazing teambuilding game “To the Moon and Back” you are a team of NASA experts. The moon, is an astronomical body that orbits planet Earth and was considered a God years ago. It has become the ultimate travel destination. The time has come for you to launch your space rocket. You will travel through the depths of space and land your astronaut back to the earth safely!

This teambuilding game lasts approximately 2 hours. The game starts with an introduction (15 minutes), then you will develop and build your own rocket (60 minutes) and finally you will launch your rockets (15 minutes).

Are you UP for this teambuilding challenge?

To the moon and back teambuilding

  • Synergy
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Delegation
  • Challenging

Teambuilding Amsterdam To the Moon and Back 1
Fast Track Training & Project Briefing

Teambuilding Amsterdam To the Moon and Back 2
Rocket Construction

The teams will consist of 6-8 people. You will get the confidential information and necessary material to build your  rocket. You will have to come up with your own engineering, determine how much fuel you need and what the capsule needs to have to bring back a raw egg. The brain and hands go to work!

Teambuilding Amsterdam To the Moon and Back 3

Rocket Launch & Certification Award

It’s time for the ultimate test! Will your rocket bring the Eggstronaut back safely to Earth?
5,4,3,2,1 … Lift off!

information rocket mission Teambuilding Haarlem

Build your rocket teambuilding Haarlem Build rocket teambuilding Haarlem

Teambuilding Haarlem Launce your rocket

Intro Speech

Our introduction will bring you up to speed about the Space Race of the 60s, combining facts, values and team effort. This introduction will be enhanced by short but powerful videos about historical facts and a presentation, that will help your team to incorporate that knowledge into building your ow rocket.

Rocket Science

The teams (about 6-8 people), start their challenging project of building a rocket, manning it with an eggstronaut and calculating its safe return to Earth. Each team splits in 3 departments that operate independently but will have to cooperate and communicate horizontally at all times. Without working together you will not be able to launch the rocket. At the deadline, all teams assemble to launch their rockets, and get ready for lift-off.

T- Minus 30 Seconds!

For the last part of this teambuilding game we will move outside for the final launch. The teams will bring their rocket to the launch pad and prepare its high-tech engines for ignition. If everything has been engineered well, we can see an impressive lift-off and return the astronauts savey back.

Price at every location in Haarlem

Duration: 120 minutes
20-5000 persons: €35,- pp excl. 21% VAT
If you are with less than 20 players you can book for 20 players.

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