Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem

Sherlock Holmes City Game Haarlem

Sherlock Holmes City Game in Haarlem

The Sherlock Holmes City Game in Haarlem puts you in the shoes of Sherlock and his assistant Watson. Solve the murder together with your friends, family or colleagues. The fun and interactive game full of brainteasers, puzzles and a lot of British humor, is perfect for a team outing, business trip or as a fun activity with your family.

Looking for a way to make your city break more exciting? The Sherlock City Game in Haarlem is exactly what you are looking for!

Over Sherlock Holmes in Haarlem

  • Independently interactive
  • We recommend 2-4 people per smartphone (1 credit per device)
  • 1,5 hour program
  • Play when it suits you
  • Available in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Select your language on the website
  • Playable now in Haarlem
  • Start location is at the BAVO church in the center

Important information

  • Charged smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • GPS enabled

Example Sherlock Holmes City Game in Haarlem

  • buy a credit (2-4 people)
  • download the app
  • check your e-mail for the login codes
  • start playing the game

The story

At the liberty festival a big crowd has come to celebrate freedom. The show has begun! But then, a man is lying in a puddle of blood with a knife in his back. The dead man is Balthazar, the head of Homeland security. The police have taken in four suspects for further questioning, but they can’t solve the murder on their own and call in Sherlock to help solve this high profile case.

Together with your group, consisting of up to four players per device, you will be playing the role of Sherlock and his trusted assistant Watson. Can you figure out if the alibis the suspects provided are true and can you confirm their motives? The fastest team to find out who the murderer is, wins the game!

Price Sherlock Holmes City Game in Haarlem

Play on your own smartphone

Sherlock Holmes City Game in Haarlem DIY

Play instantly (within 5 minutes) on your own smartphone

  • 1,5 hour
  • 2 - 4

16,49 Excl. VAT (19,95 incl. VAT)

Play Sherlock with guidance

For businesses and schools

  • 1,5 hour
  • from 15

24,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (30,19 incl. VAT)

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