Team building in Haarlem

This high-stakes game involves "Morte Frio", a notorious guerrilla cartel. They take someone hostage on the edge of the Amazon in a white bus. Unfortunately, there is an unexpected witness. Will they find the witnesses before they themselves are dismantled? Teams have 1 hour and 15 minutes.

This blood-curdling team building game is played in teams of 5 to 8 people. The participants immediately imagine themselves in another world. Each team gets its own setup in a section of the room. The race against the clock has begun! Teams can see each other. Therefore the tension and competition will increase. It is allowed to give each other hints but can your rivals be trusted? Which team will manage, under high pressure, to be the first to open the final chest and win the game?

This team building game includes

  • Professional host
  • 1,25 hour program
  • Awesome game materials
  • A prize for the winning team
  • Guidance in Dutch/English

Morte Frio team building game in Haarlem

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  • play morte frio
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Morte Frio team building in Haarlem

The Morte Frio team building game can be played at any location in Haarlem. It is a so-called mobile escape room or escape game. There is also a possibility to play this game outside, weather permitting. The escape game can be played from 10 persons at our location in Amsterdam West. In addition, from 15 people at a location of your choice. The game is suitable for small and larger groups.

Price Morte Frio team building

If you are less than 15 people, book for 15

Morte Frio team building

An awesome team building escape game

  • 1.25 hour
  • from 15

34,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (42,29 incl. VAT)

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