Hackathon Haarlem Teambuilding

NEW: Hackathon

In this teambuilding Hackathon, you become teams of highly skilled hackers. You are gathered in a room for an amazing hacking showdown! The goal of this teambuilding game is to crack the final code, which unlocks the safe with the main prize. To achieve this, you will have to use your intelligence, logical thinking and imagination to solve the most fun puzzles & riddles. Very important is to do this better and faster than the other teams.

This game can be played exclusively at UP Events. No other teambuilding company in the Netherlands offers this unique teambuilding activity.

Hackathon Teambuilding

  • Synergy
  • Communication
  • Collective thinking
  • Strategy
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Delegate
  • Risk management
Welcome to our Hackathon
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Hackathon Teambuilding UP Events

Hackathon is a unique group game, that you can only play at UP Events in the Netherlands. It is super fun to play, suitable for everyone, excellent for team building and company outings, and a recommendation for large groups.

In total Hackathon takes about 1 to 2 hours. There is approximately 20 minutes for the introduction, 60-90 minutes of playing time and 15 minutes for the final. In Round 1, the players in teams must first solve as many puzzles as possible. After that the teams play a game against eachother. The winners of this can go on to Round 2. The other teams from Round 1 remain involved until the end, because they bet their earned points on the finalists, and have a chance to win the second prize. With larger groups, more than 2 teams go through to the final round.

The puzzles have 3 different difficulty levels:
1) fast & fun
2) for experienced hackers
3) impossible to hack

As a result, the teams need a good strategy and cooperation, otherwise winning is impossible. The more difficult the puzzle, the more cooperation and collective thinking is needed.

Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 1Introduction

The group is divided into teams of 6-8 players and each team chooses its own name. Our hosts/facilitators explain the rules, the app and the puzzle book to everyone. Hackathon consists of 2 rounds. The best teams of Round 1 can continue to play in Round 2. The other teams also continue to participate actively in Round 2, because they can then use their earned points to bet on the winner. After the introduction, everyone is ready and ‘psyched’.

Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 2Round 1

The room turns into a huge “Hacking Hive”. The teams quickly form their strategy that should lead them to the victory of Round 1. All teams get 1 hour to play 30 different puzzles based on the book. Every well-solved puzzle gives a clue, which the teams need later on, so the trick is to work as quickly and as good as possible. There are 3 difficulty levels, so the taks must be distributed well! Logical thinking, geometrical, math; you need it all. When the time stops, all teams get the chance to use their clues and break the main code. The teams that win, may advance to Round 2!

Hakathon Teambuilding Amsterdam Afbeelding 3

Round 2: the finals

The final round of Hackathon begins and the finalists must now compete for the code of the vault. The main prize is in this safe. The teams must try to crack the code with a tangram. The other teams from the previous round, have a second chance to win a prize here. By betting their points from Round 1 on the finalists and encouraging them to victory, they have a chance of winning the second prize. The team that breaks the safe code is the big winner!